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Kriz Frost

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The End Of A Great Experience
Date: 1/6/2019

CivLife has been running for about a year now and was started as simply just a hangout for me and my friends to play games and have fun while roleplaying
we had started off with great stories and great character building and had an amazing start it was a very small server with barely any promotion, I never thought
it would have become such a big part of my life as it did, it simply was just a place to hang out and roleplay with my friends and it turned into a huge amazing
experience with great stories and amazing friendships being created thanks to this tiny server I had created simply just because I wanted to have some fun.
Sadly today I am announcing the end of CivLife, I had devoted hours and hours on end to coding it and it became something very special to me and something I really
enjoyed working on and something I really worked hard on and with the communities help it became something very special and meaningful to a lot of us and a lot of people have spent so many hours on the server building great stories and we appreciate every single one of you guys and we really want to thank each and every single one of you guys for being a part of this amazing experience for all of us but sadly at this time sadly it just doesn't seem like the best choice for us to continue working on the server or development in the FiveM Community or in and around the FiveM Community, I appreciate every single one of you guys honestly CivLife was my "baby" in a way if you know what I mean, and I spent a lot of time making it perfect and having it as perfect as I possibly could make it and I thank you guys so much for being a part of it but sadly we can not continue the server considering the low population and the state of the FiveM Community itself.
We love CivLife as much as you guys do and we could never replace the amazing experiences it gave us and the amazing place that it became and the friendships we had created threw CivLife.

If you would like to join the discord we have all moved to
You can find it here.

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