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Tenebris Mafia Application Form

Kory Braxton

Well-Known Member
Gang Name: Tenebris Mafia

Your Discord#0000 [Unknown]Cryptic#7153

Your in Character Name: Mr K

How many members currently are going to be in your gang? 4

Please provide us a background story of your gang/society

It started when first joining the city, a group of us had gotten an invite from an old war buddy. On arrival to the city, we were told of Grove and the Lost fighting for territory. Due to this we decided that we would put our talents to good cause. With this we set in motion a secret organisation to which we sold and traded information for money and other valuable resources. It had been about a month of two and decided that we would recruit a few others as by this time we were earning a fair bit of money. After testing the recruits we had them do various tasks to prove they're Loyalty and Honesty. A Month or two had passed and we controlled most of the action and all information being collected and sold. The gangs/Societies basically gave us immunity for staying neutral. After a few miss communications and failure to uphold integrity within the group, we broke apart going into our separate areas before forming a new more secretive collaboration of people. We all specialised in our own network and used that to not only benefit each other but the secrecy we were sworn to protect. Sadly though the city was Nuked and were forced to vacate to another area. We came back a while later to find everything we worked for gone. Now this was time for a new chapter in all of our life's. Sadly Connor and Reclaimer had perished but their comrades and/or family members have taken their place. We are building up our contacts once again but are looking for a more permanent stay here in the city of Los Santos.

Why should your gang/society become an official thing in the city?

Because all of us bring great rp to the city. We all have been here for a while some of us over a year now. We should be a part of the city to make it that more interesting through encounters, meetings and events. There currently is no Mafia so why not it be us?

What unique role play role would your gang/society bring to the city?

We will work with the other societies to bring a better experience to those entering and already joined in the city. We will always strive towards a better tomorrow.

Please provide a screenshot of your uniform/gang outfit (Male).
Suit 1.png

Please provide a screenshot of your uniform/gang outfit (female). WIP

Gangs/groups are limited to 4 members max. If there are more than 4, all members involved will be punished.

Please provide a screenshot of your gang/society hangout/property you wish to own. (Using your map)
La Fuenta Blanca.png

Side notes:
Everyone that is within our Society will be wearing a suit, currently only have males so that is why haven uploaded a female char, if needs be i will do so but for right now that shouldn't be of an issue. (Reclaimer#2047,, Teshurr#7051, Not Scrubs#1023 are the members and myself).