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Taxi Fare - workaround

Adam Verom

Well-Known Member
How do,

Since the customer Fare ui breaks the server (and I'm also not able to open it with the key bind anyhow) I decided to make a custom taxi fare calculator;


It's a little basic right now, but I'm hoping if I can figure out how to incorporate a timer in to the spreadsheet then that'll save having extra windows open.
For the time being, you need to run a stopwatch when you pick up your fare, then stop it when you arrive at the destination - then enter the minutes (e.g. for 5 minutes and 47 seconds you would enter 5.47 - just for spreadsheet sake)

The total distance is from pick-up point, to the destination marker on the map (see the distance kilometers on the mini-map) - enter this in as it is displayed (e.g. 1.74km you enter 1.74)

This will then calculate the total fare, which you can then provide to the person you provided service to.

If anyone wants to use it that has wanted to play a taxi driver, but cba to make the fare up, give me a poke on discord and I'll send you the link. :)