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John Volpe - Application

Bob Kahbib

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Steam Name: m4v3r1ck

Age: 28

How long ago did you join CifLife RP? About two months ago

What time zone are you in? Eastern

What hours of the day do you normally play? 3pm -12am

Do you have real life experience as a police officer? Negative

Have you been a Police Officer on a different FiveM server or RP game? Negative

Do you have a Twitch/YouTube channel? If yes, provide links. Mkvkev

The following should be answered "In Character".

Applicant Name: John Volpe

Why do you want to be a police officer? I grew up in a small neighborhood where everyone knew everyone. Drugs seemed to haven taken over the town to the point of an epidemic. I watched all my close friends fight addiction for years til the point they withered away. After attending my two closest friends funerals I finally decided to move out of my childhood city and move to Lost Santos. I met a beautiful women, bought a house, got married and was about to have our first child. But things turned sour pretty darn quick. I found out she had an addiction. She hid it for years. I was blind sided by the fact I never knew the women I’ve decided to spend my life with had been using drugs this entire time.... She passed away this summer. I want to devote my life to save those family’s and loved ones whom ever it is and fight to get these damn drugs off the streets before it tears another family apart.

Why should we hire you over other applicants? I have nothing else in this lifetime to look forward too other then to help others. Get those drug dealers and thugs off the streets of Los Santos before someone you know loses their life.

How many hours per week can you be available, if hired? 20-30

If you have a problem with another officer, how would you handle it? Walk away from the situation and contact a higher up to resolve the situation before it escalates.

Have you ever been charged with a crime? No