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Dan Sutherlund EMS Application

LSMD (Los Santos Medical Department) Application

The following should be answered "Out of Character":

Steam Name: Dan Sutherlund
Age: 46
How long ago did you join CivLife RP?: Almost a month ago.
What time zone are you in?: PST.
What hours of the day do you normally play?: I am available all day or night.
Do you have any real life experiences with EMS?:No real life with EMS, But I have trained in various areas pertaining to EMS services.
Have you been an EMS on another server or RP game?: Yes I have.
How well do you work with others?: No issue working with others.
Do you have a Twitch/YouTube channel? If yes, provide links: I do not.


The following should be answered "In Character":

Applicant Name: Dan Sutherlund

Application Contact Number: 99818

Why do you want to be part of the LSMD?: Helping is important and something I love, A drive to learn and expand my knowledge.

Why should we hire you over other applicants?: Availability, some medical knowledge, Expanding my knowledge from others, and maybe passing something new to someone else.

How many hours per week can you be available, if hired?: Avail. Any time.

If you have a problem with another personal, how would you handle it?: Refer to COC.

Have you ever been charged with a crime?: I have not.
(Please note; this will be checked with the Police Department - so answer honestly)

Do you know any of the 10 codes? If so, please give an example of one and when it would be used: I do know the 10 codes, They are all similar in context but differ county to county. 10-7 Off Duty 10-8 On Duty, ect.

Someone is down in the middle of Senora freeway, traffic is heavy at high speeds, you need to pick the person up. Who’s life in most important in this case and why?:My safety is priority in this situation. No use dying trying to cross a busy freeway, Besides it is against SOP to not have PD in some form to deal with traffic.