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Important Information Changes 8/14/2018

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Kriz Frost

Staff member
Los Santos Law Enforcement

Changelogs 8/14/2018

Here are some but not all changes done to the server recently.
  • Added Cameras viewable via Police at Mission Row
  • Added Hackable computer to shutdown cameras at bank to stop PD from viewing them during bank heist.
  • Removed Bank money from your inventory (You now need to go to the bank to transfer money to players)
  • Added Jail Cells
  • Added Officers Meeting room, Interrogation Room, & Evidence Room
  • Added Millionaire Mansion
  • Added Freecrawler To Garage
  • Added Seatbelts [Press Tab while in vehicle, You can not exit vehicle until you take off your seatbelt using tab]
  • Added accident blackouts [if you hit something very hard you will black out for a period of time]
  • Fixed rob store success message
  • Added PD Giving Driving Permit
  • Fixed Jailing for PD
  • Added Alert for when you add new contact telling you to close phone and reopen it
  • Relocated Cocaine Processing
  • Relocated Cocaine Lab
  • Relocated Weed Processing
  • Relocated Weed Field
  • Coke Dealer has been removed (Sell to NPC's)
  • Weed Dealer has been removed (Sell to NPC's)
  • Meth has been removed
  • Opium has been removed
  • Added Weapon Recoil
  • Changed Loading Screen URL to forum URL (Correct link)
  • Added new EMS Car
  • Disabled more controls while cuffed (No longer being able to trip while in cuffs)
  • Criminal Records saved & Show to police
  • Added Car Rental
  • BIlling for Damage on rental cars [Car insurance to avoid damage cost]
  • Hide Hud Option [Press F10] to hide hud
  • Improved HUD [Voice Meter & Food & Water]
  • Added Default spawn location [Now when you spawn you go to the train station]
  • Removed Ability for civilians to steal police vehicles (Due to people storing them in personal garages)
  • Added Mayor Voting
  • Locals can now call police when they reject drugs [Police now get notified]
This is just a select few of the things we have changed the past 2 weeks :)